This is my Story

My journey of establishing a globally recognized brand started over a decade ago where I was sleeping on a friend’s mattress on the floor, had only 900 Facebook friends, and a vision to create a better life for myself and others.

This is my Story

From Strongholds to Breakthroughs

Little did I know at the time how many strongholds had been dictating my daily life because they had been built without my consent during my early childhood. They have been plaguing my happiness, joy, success, and ability to know what true love is…until I finally learned how to start breaking them down. That’s when it all changed..

I had to learn the art of communication, the confidence to step through uncertainty, and the ability to break strongholds of shame and scarcity.

When I finally found out I have options to create a thriving life by being presented with an opportunity to build a health & wellness sales organization at the age of 23, everything shifted. I was working two jobs and barely making ends meet but I knew this was my ticket to something BIGGER for my life.

I moved in with my business partner and mentor who was gracious to let me sleep on a mattress in her spare room. Fast forward 13 years and I lead and own an organization of over 150,000+ active customers, opened and launched multiple sales organizations in 4+ countries, and generated over 9 figures in annual revenue within my company.
Let’s just say I’ve had my fair share of self-doubt, lack of confidence, and failures throughout all of this due to strongholds still lingering. I knew my work wasn’t done..

Unveiling A Personal Brand To Help Liberate Others

About 6 years into my business career with already great momentum generating multiple 8 figures in revenue, I made a decision to create a personal brand with intention. Before this, I was mainly known as “that girl who crushes at sales with her company”. After this decision, now I am known as “that girl who helps transform lives”…aka Emily Ford.

I realized how we are in an era that if people believe and trust in the personal brand, then all the endeavors and companies they create will have others follow.

By the day, entrepreneurs and even corporate workers are realizing the necessity of having a personal brand and I have been on a mission to help them build and amplify their identity, message, and voice. 

This is where the birth of ITfactor Mentorship comes into play already serving a wide variety of industry professionals. And recently launched is The Fortitude Agency where creating a pristine personal brand is truly done-for-you.

“If God Has Given You Leadership Ability, Take The Responsbility Seriously”

My Partner For Life.

Even though I lived in Minnesota most of my life, my heart belongs near the ocean which is why I now reside in Southern California with my fiance, Jake Havron.

To my single ladies, never settle. There are men out there who will truly be more than you can ever imagine and Jake came out of nowhere into my life back in February 2020 right before the whole world shut down.

For years I had been single and struggled to find my match. If they didn’t have strong faith, have an entrepreneurial mindset, and can create deep conversations, there was no chance. Jake came into my life in the most divinely appointed way, and even after quickly falling in love and soon trying to push him out because of deep fears of “this is too good to be true”, I finally can say I know how it feels to experience true peace and comfort around another man. It’s like my nervous system completely relaxes and I can step more into my feminine that was so hard to do before.

We are best friends. He is the male version of me (which can sometimes be a challenge.) We love doing biohacks together (sauna partners). We like and dislike the same foods (protein all the way). We love transforming lives through speaking which is so special because never could I have imagined we do this together. But most importantly, we get to deepen our faith together and pray for each other when experiencing struggles.

Just know that it’s possible to create a life of love, excitement, and impact alongside your significant other.

Beyond Grateful

My Core Beliefs

Businesses, partnerships, and opportunities will forever be changing, but my alignment with these beliefs will always be at the core.

It’s Time to Integrate Your Unique Essence

After seeing how many people need a personal brand that truly exemplifies who YOU are and how you help others, I decided to create the ITfactor Mentorship Program where me and my love, Jake Havron, teach entrepreneurs how to build a unique personal brand, become an unforgettable speaker, and increase your profits with sales mastery all while fortifying your faith.