From a Mattress on the Floor to a 9Figure Sales Organization

After building a health company of over 150,000+ active customers producing 9 figures in annual revenue, and launching sales organizations in 4+ countries, Emily has the track record to help your people Unleash Their ITfactor to achieve new levels of success.


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Unleash Your ITfactor

Emily will help launch your people off their plateaus and have a newfound confidence in business by helping them breakthrough strongholds.


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BBecome more effective communicators through learning how to identify what motivates others.


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OWN Your Personal Brand

It’s time for your people to not just know what their ITfactor is, but to incorporate it into their personal brand. Emily will help them find their brand identity, hone their message, and build a confident voice.


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“Her energy is infectious and she walks the talk showing us all the true meaning of BOSS!”

Emily is a badass woman, one who knows how to show up for herself and her team, A well-rounded go-getter, crushing the work/life balance, maximizing her potential and inspiring others along the way.

Brooke Burke
Celebrity, Fitness Icon + Entrepreneur

"Emily is a powerful speaker."

Emily is a powerful speaker with a life changing message. she has an impressive platform and lust of accomplishments, however very humble and one of the most accommodating, easy to work with speakers we have booked.

Jerome Love
CEO Black Enterprise

"True Artistry"

Our audience was begging for more! I can’t say enough about how great it is to work with Emily. She goes above and beyond in crafting the perfect keynote. True artistry. Emily is just one of those speakers you love to listen to and walk away with value every time.

Eric Worre
Founder of Network Marketing Pro

"An awe-inspiring individual guiding others to find their IT factor—their true essence."

Emily’s extraordinary talent lies in her ability to delve deep within, helping individuals nurture & honor their inner selves. With her transformative mindset and unwavering confidence, she has the power to transcend limitations, transforming mindsets and habits along the way, while melting away the shackles of doubt.

Tyler Deveraux
Founder & CEO of MF Capital Partners and Multi Family Mindset


Unleash Your ITfactor

How many times have you been held back by shame and fear? Emily leads an immersive talk on how to break through those barriers to release fear to unlock the next version of yourself. This keynote will launch people off their plateaus because Emily helps to rewire deep in their nervous system what “sales” means to them. They will have deep conviction to now truly help the person who’s buying your product or service.

Audience Takeaway:

Emily builds a deep trust with your audience by giving a playbook on individual transformation & guidance on stripping away any mindset limitations that may have been hindering your ability.

Emily will take people on a journey. They will experience a range of emotions such as: Excitement. Laughter. Tears. Liberation and most importantly they will leave inspired and equipped to step into the next level of themselves.


OWN Your Personal Brand

Do you have an amazing idea for a brand but have no idea how to execute? Emily’s keynote was designed to not just teach the information, but uniquely apply it into your specific business so they can be more influential in the sales process. The goal is to greatly reduce the lag time between learning, implementation and growing your brand/selling.

Audience Takeaway

Extracting your brand DNA so that you can have content and messaging that best represents you.

Identifying your main content pillars so you can start to be known as an expert in your field and not be looked over.

A proven method called the "content batching blueprint" so you can create consistent, quality content in a fraction of the time it normally takes.


Your people don’t deserve to continually live with strongholds of shame and scarcity. They belong to step into a newfound confidence. They belong to have a fortitude of hope. They belong to have a transformation they never thought would be possible.