Hi, I’m Emily.

At a glance you may think I have always been successful, polished, and well spoken, but most don’t realize that I have spent over a decade learning skills that have shaped the Emily you see today.

This is my Story

From Traumatic to Transformation: My Childhood Shaped Me.

I grew up in a tiny town of less than 5,000 people, raised by a loving, single mom who I frequently experienced seeing her verbally and physically abused. My childhood shaped me to to bring a deeper level of empathy to really know some of the struggles people are facing in today’s time. To know how to truly cultivate their confidence by helping them find their ITfactor.

A decade learning skills that have shaped the Emily you see today.

A Birth of a Personal Brand to Global Impact.

About 6 years in my business career with already great success, I made a decision to create a personal brand. I am now known for who I am outside of my companies. I realized how we are in an era that if people believe and trust in the person, then all the endeavors and companies they create will have others follow. By the day, corporate workers are realizing the necessity of having a personal brand and I have been on a mission to help people build and amplify theirs.

A decade learning skills that have shaped the Emily you see today.

Emily’s 4 G Standards For Thriving



Continually reminded that all I do is for His glory, not my own.



Keep raising my standards by the day for further impact and fulfillment.



It’s a commitment both externally and internally. The more you glow, the more people will know.



There’s many phrases I choose not to have in my vocabulary and one of them is “Status Quo”.

From a Mattress on the Floor to a 9-Figure Sales Organization

I’ve built business organizations with 150,000+ active customers, launched and opened multiple sales teams in 4+ other countries, and generated over 9 figures in annual revenue within my company.


“Emily is a Powerful Speaker on Personal Transformation.”

Emily has a life changing message, a impressive platform and lust of accomplishments, however very humble and one of the most accommodating, easy to work with speakers.

-Jerome Love