Blueprint of Human Influence with Jake Havron

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So many people ask me, how do I become more influential? How can I gain more influence to sell more, inspire my team to take action, and build meaningful relationships? 

To answer these questions, I decided to bring my dear friend, Jake Havron, on the show to share some practical tips on how to master the ‘game of influence’. He’s a Life and Business Strategist whose mission is to lead and empower purpose-driven entrepreneurs in creating their dream life. 

In this episode, we dive into what it really means to create influence, how to connect on an emotional level with other people by understanding what they really want, and things we can do that will encourage them to open up their minds and hearts even further. Plus, we’ve got some exciting news for you about how you can become even more influential than you ever thought possible, so stick around!

Also in this episode:

  • The difference between influence and manipulation.
  • Understanding the science of influence
  • Pressures and motivators.
  • Pleasure and pain – the two faces of a goal. 
  • Why you need to disturb someone’s pain point. 
  • How to sell without having to cringe.
  • The three steps to influence.
  • Using the DVAC concept to leverage your influence.
  • Optimizing Influence (Live Event)

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