Dan Martell: From Jail to Becoming a Millionaire (Get Unstuck, Buy Back Your Time & Systemize Your Life)
Have you ever read a book and actually started to apply what you read? Well, that is precisely what has happened to me since I picked up ”Buy Back Your Time” by Dan Martell.

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Dan Martell is an entrepreneur, angel investor, thought leader, and highly sought-after coach in the SaaS industry. From a troubled background that led him to jail, Dan rose above his circumstances to become a self-made millionaire. He founded, scaled, and successfully exited three technology companies within a ten-year period. In 2012, he was named Canada’s top angel investor, having invested in more than 50 start-ups, such as Intercom, Udemy, and Unbounce. In 2016, he founded the SaaS Academy and grew it to become one of the largest coaching companies in the world. His book, “Buy Back Your Time” offers a refreshing perspective on how to break free from the never-ending cycle of busyness and reclaim control over your time and life. Dan is also an Ironman athlete, philanthropist, husband, and father of two incredible boys.  

Through his wealth of knowledge and personal experiences as an entrepreneur and mentor, Dan provides practical strategies and actionable steps to help you optimize your time, boost productivity, and achieve your goals. In this episode, he emphasizes the power of creating systems and processes that streamline your daily tasks, allowing you to focus on what truly matters. By implementing these systems, you can free up valuable time and energy to invest in your personal growth, relationships, and professional endeavors. Let’s dive in!


In this episode, you will learn:
  • What made Dan write his book
  • Understanding the concept of time
  • Time and Energy Audit 
  • How to identify the next person you should hire for the right job at the right time
  • Would you rather dream or be right?
  • The 1-3-1 Framework for empowering your team
  • Why you need to have a bigger vision
  • The Law of the Lid
  • Who do you need to become to get what’s next
  • Tips for creating consistent content when you don’t think you can
  • The number one thing that makes content creation difficult
  • What is a playbook?
  • How to create a life of purpose instead of chaos
  • Things you can do to strengthen your marriage
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