Why You’re Not Growing on Instagram in 2023 (& How To Fix It) with Brock Johnson
Is it possible to grow on Instagram? Do you want to learn what actions you can take today to help create newer, more profitable customers and grow your customer base? Well, you’re in luck! Today, I'm joined by Instagram expert Brock Johnson to share everything you need to know to grow your business on Instagram like a pro.

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Brock Johnson is a 7-figure entrepreneur with a passion for helping others grow their following and business on Instagram. Brock first started his business in 2017 helping parents keep their kids safe on Snapchat. But as platforms evolved, so did his business. Brock grew his Instagram following by 400K in one year and continues to grow at a rate of over 1K people per day. He’s been averaging 2.4 reels posted per day which has earned him the nickname, the Reels King. 

Listen in as Brock breaks down the best tips and tricks to navigate the social media giant, Instagram – from choosing the right niche to understanding how different types of posts work, finding the right tools to grow, and so much more! Get ready to level up your Instagram game and start growing your business today!


In this episode, you will learn:
  • Is it still possible to grow on Instagram?
  • How much should you post in a day?
  • Reels vs Static Posts vs Carousels: A High-Level Comparison
  • Feeds and Stories – what to post and when?
  • Unlocking the hidden power of DM’s and ManyChat
  • Being niched in a market of nichers
  • How to be a value machine
  • Brand Aesthetics – does it matter?
  • Finding the right balance between excellence and imperfection
  • Tips for creating consistent content
  • The Content Creator’s Mindset
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