Navigating Public Divorce As A Pastor And Overcoming Shame With Elyse Murphy

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Hello everyone! Welcome to the ITfactor Show. I am here today with an extraordinary woman who has always been on a mission for something “more” in life. She believes that no matter how messy and complicated life may be, our mess isn’t too messy for God’s grace. 

Elyse Murphy is a leading faith-based entrepreneur, writer, speaker, and influencer who is committed to using her platform to have authentic conversations and help women shake off shame and step into their God-given light. She’s Co-founder of ClubDevotion – — a global community of women who are committed to living a lifestyle of devotion. It’s a movement of women who are ready to find their feet and use their voice, just like God intended.

In this episode, Elyse offers some powerful advice to help you start living the life God wants for you. She shared pieces of her testimony – how it was like growing up as a church kid, finding peace after a painful divorce, and broke down spiritual truths in simple and relatable ways to show us how being vulnerable is our secret weapon to finding purpose, healing, and transformation. 

Also in this episode:

  • Why you shouldn’t get stuck in one season of your life.
  • The difference between speaking the truth and being honest.
  • Finding the path to peace.
  • Show your scars – turn your shame into a shout!
  • What it means to lean in to your faith and walk closely with God.
  • Why praying for peace is better than understanding.
  • The power of surrender.
  • How to prioritize your faith.
  • Being vulnerable is your secret weapon. 

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