CEO Jason Haugen on Turning a Failing RV Business Into Millions: Network Marketing, Leadership, Failure & Growth
From buying a failing RV business to becoming a top performing executive at many different organizations and now a sought-after speaker, Jason Haugen is the epitome of success!

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Jason is a devoted husband, father to his beautiful daughter Remi, serial entrepreneur and public speaker. After losing everything in 2018, he decided he needed to make a change and work for himself.

Following some failed business ventures he landed on his biggest entrepreneur success in 2019 – becoming the founder and CEO of “ Haugen RV Group”, a company he built from 1 dealership in 6 figure debt to $100 million dollar multi-dealership operation. He has worked tirelessly to withhold a positive work environment for his employees and believes this is his key to any successful company. His podcast, Culture Camp has hosted prominent business owners, athletes, and well-known personalities, each sharing their secrets to creating a business culture that helps you thrive.

Jason has seen both failure and success, but it is his leadership style and commitment to servant leadership that really stands out. He leads his team with empathy and understanding, empowering them to work together to achieve great things. He also shared some valuable insights on network marketing and how it can be used to fuel personal growth and success. All of this combined, makes his story an inspiring one that we can all learn from. Let’s dive in!


In this episode, you will learn:
  • How Jason grew a failing RV business from zero to millions
  • How to build your company’s culture into the DNA of your team
  • Jason’s near death experience that led him to find his deeper purpose
  • Owning who you really are, not what others expect you to be
  • Every situation is either a blessing or a lesson (sometimes both)
  • Ways network marketing can help you grow as a person
  • System-based business vs superstar-based business
  • The Servant Leader’s Mindset
  • Family always comes first – a busy dad’s guide to balancing family and business
  • How Jason grows his faith
  • Becoming better by embracing your flaws
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