Oliver Trevena - A Man On A Mission!

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Hi everyone! Welcome to the Its Emily Show. In today’s episode, we have such an inspiring man with us. Oliver Trevena is a man on a mission, crushing it in every sense of his world. He’s a successful actor, entrepreneur, and investor, but it is his philanthropy, generosity, and level of commitment that always fascinates me. 

We cover so many topics in our conversation including how to truly let go of the worries in your life, the power of saying no and also why it’s so important to have a morning routine (and what Oliver does each day). Oliver also shares why acceptance and gratitude are two important keys to finding joy in everything you do.

There’s so much to learn from this man and I’m so excited that we got the opportunity to talk to him about his humble beginnings and how he got to where he is today.  So sit back, relax, and dig into some great insights into what he is doing.  

Also In This Episode:

  • Oliver’s journey from the UK to the USA and his rise to stardom
  • The healing power of breath work
  • Why it’s important to persevere even when you feel like giving up.
  • Investment tips for entrepreneurs – what you can do to get started.
  • His exciting business venture – Caliwater
  • Oliver’s favorite books
  • Giving back and paying it forward
  • Overcoming obstacles and appreciating how far you have come

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