Be Your Strongest Self While Building a Business with Christine Bullock
As an entrepreneur, you're always on the go, and it can be easy to let your health and fitness fall by the wayside. But the truth is, taking care of yourself is essential to building a successful business. When you prioritize your health and fitness, you'll have more energy, focus, and creativity to put into your business. Christine Bullock understands this better than anyone.

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Christine is the founder of KAYO Body Care and is a certified expert in various areas of wellness, including yoga, Pilates, general fitness, massage therapy, prenatal and post-natal fitness, and nutritional counseling. Her knowledge and experience have helped countless women achieve their health goals and live happier, healthier lives. She has created multiple fitness and nutrition programs including Evolution 20, Super Shred, Body Reborn, and 10 Minute Solutions: Butt Lift that support beauty and healthy aging and continues to craft innovative workouts for the top-rated FitOn and Brooke Burke Body apps. She is a recurring contributor for many magazines and websites including Oxygen, Yahoo Health,, Women’s Health, and many more. She has a passion for children, working closely with charities including Adopt Together, Vista Del Mar, Together We Rise and Pajama Program.

In this episode, Christine shares her tips and tricks for maintaining a healthy and fit body while running a successful business. She believes that a healthy mind, body, and spirit are all interconnected, and it is essential to nourish all three to achieve wellness. With Christine’s expertise and passion for holistic wellness, you are sure to come away with some valuable insights and actionable tips for taking care of your body and mind.  Let’s dive in!


In this episode, you will learn:
  • Things that happen when you step into the unknown
  • Introducing KAYO Body Care, the first-of-a-kind high-performance body care
  • Incredible benefits of full-body Gua Sha
  • Lymphatic Massage – what it is and how does it help
  • Tips for dealing with bloating
  • The fastest way to get fit and have the body you want
  • The Adoption Journey – A Tale of Love, Hope, and Grace
  • How to be a great mom and CEO at the same time
  • Why social media is about being real, not perfect
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