Tim Storey: From Compton to Interviewing Oprah Winfrey (Mindset, Faith & Obstacles)
From Compton to working with Oprah — bringing Bible study to the stars, Tim Storey believed he could do great things for God. Tim is an acclaimed culture influencing thought-leader, life strategist, author, speaker, and counselor, known for his insight and coaching among high-profile individuals who find themselves in a place of personal recovery and discovery, he has been labeled as the Original Comeback Coach. 

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Credited for enhancing the lives of millions, Tim has traveled to 78 countries helping people visualize and realize the best version of themselves, whether they are at a high point in their lives or experiencing their lowest valley. He has empowered people all over the world to discover a new “Miracle Mentality” and enabled them to turn their “Setbacks into Comebacks.” Through his several best-selling books, presentations, and strategy sessions, his mission is to bring to light all the possibilities that are too often blocked by fear or hidden by one’s limited viewpoint. The youngest of five children, Tim grew up with his family in Compton, California, where he faced and overcame multiple tragedies, challenges, and obstacles, ultimately shaping his mindset and his future. 


The message of this episode is simple but so powerful — we all have a unique calling in life, and it’s up to us to discover it and pursue it with everything we’ve got. Whether you’re struggling to find your path or already on your way but need a little extra motivation, Tim Storey’s insights and wisdom can help you get there. Let’s dive in!


In this episode, you will learn:
  • Tim Storey’s Journey with God
  • How to find your calling
  • How to be more like Jesus when connecting with others
  • How a setback always leads to a comeback
  • Tim Storey’s tips for a successful keynote
  • Lessons from being best friends with Oprah
  • The motivational magic of the season of silence
  • Finding Your IT Factor: The Godly Way
  • Good Idea vs God Idea
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